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Choosing the right agent for you

Choosing the right agent to market and sell your property is the most important decision you will make and there are so many factors to consider in making the right choice. It is both a professional and personal decision, the most important step forward is to go with your instinct and the agent that you feel most comfortable with, one that you feel is honest and has the best tools and experience to market your property.

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Auction vs Private Treaty

While there are a number of options available when it comes to the method of selling your property, the two most popular in our market are Private Treaty and Auction.

A Private Treaty sale will market the property with a set list price, this gives buyers an indication of your expectation of sale price while an Auction will market the property with no price but instead will invite buyers to make a bid on the property at Auction which would be held on a set date and time usually 4 weeks into a Marketing Campaign. The Auction method of sale is used to encourage competition among buyers with the intention to result in an unconditional sale.

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Finding Your Buyer

When it comes to finding the right buyer for your property, chances are we've already found them!

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Tips for Real Estate Sellers

Selling real estate is not a task undertaken every day. In fact the average Australian sells every 9.8 years, so we could all use some good advice when it comes to maxmising price.

Being fully informed and planning carefully assures a smooth sale and minimal disruption. Our indispensible Home Seller's Guide.