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Finding the Perfect Rental

Finding the 'perfect' home to rent can sometimes seem daunting, especially if you are moving to a new area. Do your research! There are many websites to search for rental properties, when you find one you like go to the agent's website too where you should find more information about the town/suburb you are looking in. The Agent that will be managing the property you rent is another important factor in your decision. Building a good relationship with your Property Manager will make for a positive experience during your rental term.

The Application Process

Applying for a rental property might seem like a never-ending mountain of paperwork but it doesn't have to be difficult. When completing your application form, whether in the office or online, be precise and honest, the more information you give the Property Manager, the less time it will take to have your application approved.

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Renting with Pets

Your fur babies are part of the family, but did you know in Queensland allowing pets at a rental property is at the discretion of the Landlord? The majority of rental properties will be advertised as 'Pets approved on application', so as a tenant and as a responsible pet parent, it is best to be prepared when applying for a new home for all of your family members to enjoy.

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VIP Renter Registration

Would you like to know about our newest listings before everyone else? Great! We want you to be first to know too. Give us your wish list and we'll make sure that you receive VIP alerts the moment we begin marketing. If your search criteria changes, just update our system whenever you like.

Putting you in control is just another way that 'We put you first'.