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Experience vs DIY Management

Property Management is much more than just collecting rent. There are a number of governing bodies each with different legislation for all aspects of renting your property, these are in place to protect both the Landlord and Tenant. It is in your best interest to have a professional working to ensure your investment is managed within these guidelines.

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Finding the Right Tenant

Attracting the right tenant begins with actively marketing your property, the more you give the more positive response you will receive. Your chosen managing agent should offer a marketing package that includes all major real estate platforms, an informative advertisement and multiple photos of your property, at a minimum. Inspections should be by appointment with your agent attending and at suitable times for prospective tenants to attend.

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Do I need Landlord Insurance?

While Landlord Insurance is optional, it should certainly be considered. Even when all the care in the world is taken to secure the 'perfect' tenant, circumstances can change in an instant. The right Landlord Insurance can cover you for tenant-related risks including loss of rental income and loss or damage to contents and building. You may be surprised to know that Landlord Insurance is not all that expensive, especially when comparing to the cost of not having Landlord Insurance when something goes wrong! There are other insurances to consider for your investment such as Building and Contents Insurance, and of course the necessity of Public Liability Insurance which is compulsory.

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Systems & Programs

There are countless different industry specific programs and systems that have been designed to cater to the time poor Landlord and Tenant. Living in a time where there is an urgency in dealing with every day matters, no matter the time of day, in the world of Real Estate and particularly Property Management, having up to date systems and programs in place is so important to ensure the efficient management of your investment property.

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